September 11, 2013

Mile 0

CLOSER TO CUBA THAN HOME It's common knowledge that you have to visit the southernmost point of the country when you're in Key West, so naturally that is exactly what we did.
Before getting to the big buoy though, I was feeling a little iffy. I wanted some good pictures, but I figured there would be a big crowd, and I would constantly have random people in the background. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a line to take photos at the buoy. As much as I don't like lines (other than at Disney World) and wasn't too keen on waiting, I was thankful for the organization. Everyone was able to get unobstructed family pictures, and the line really wasn't that bad. We waited maybe six or seven minutes, which was fine because we had to wait for my stepdad and stepsister to park the car and catch up to my mom and I anyway. And the other thing I was super thankful for was that the buoy had just recently been re-painted, so all the graffiti was covered. Perfect moment on a beautiful day in the Keys.

Couldn't resist showing some Gamma Phi love

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