September 5, 2013

Facebook Changes

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Everyone knows that Facebook makes changes basically every day, but when I came across this article on PR Daily I was still shocked by how much Facebook has changed just this year.
Most of the changes I didn't even know about, so either I'm totally oblivious or I'm just really used to Facebook changing it up on us. But I did recognize a few changes. One, in particular, that I did like was the new verification feature. It's very similar to Twitter in that legitimate companies, products, celebrities, TV shows, etc. can get a blue check mark next to their name everywhere on Facebook. Even though Facebook is completely ripping off Twitter, I still think it's a good change.

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But Facebook can only rip off Twitter so much, and the introduction of hashtags on Facebook is taking it a little bit too far. For those of you who don't know what a hashtag is, it's basically a search tool that originated on Twitter. For example (and in the spirit of football season), say you're watching the Falcons play that team from Louisiana this Sunday. If you feel like tweeting about the game you can use #ATLvsNO then click on that hashtag and see what everyone else is saying about the game, too. Well, now you can use that hashtag on Facebook as well. But personally, I just think it's stupid. I don't care what the world is saying on Facebook. Twitter, sure. But Facebook, not so much. I barely care what my friends are saying much less people I don't even know. As for me, I don't even use hashtags on Facebook.

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But I'm curious what y'all think about all the changes Facebook has made. Do you love the changes or hate the changes? Which are your favorite? Which could you do without? Check out the article then let me know your side.

*This post was done for the Concepts in New Media (COM 3310) course at Kennesaw State University.

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