August 22, 2013


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MY NEW OBSESSION. While we were in Key West, my family and I went inside a store just to look around, and my mom, my stepsister, and myself walked out with arm candy galore.
I, in particular, finally hopped on the Pandora bracelet bandwagon. I've admired Pandora bracelets from afar for quite awhile now, but I never felt inclined enough to voice my want for one of the delicate yet statement-making pieces of jewelry. But then my stepsister got a Pandora bracelet this past year, and my love grew even more. I just hadn't found a good time to tell my mom because, I mean, it's nice jewelry, and it can be expensive. But while we were in the Keys my mom asked me if I maybe wanted a bracelet, and after making sure it was definitely okay I picked out my style and my first charm.

I'm actually glad I waited so long to really act on my desire because the Pandora bangles just came out within the past couple months, and I like the bangles much more than the soft bracelets. And I don't know of anyone with a bangle bracelet right now, so snaps to me for being unique haha. I also got my first charm - "Sail Away." It's nautical and reminds me of home, and at the same time I can remember our Florida Keys vacation whenever I look at it. Now I'm just excited to fill up my bracelet with charms that mean something to me. I've been browsing the Pandora website, and I've already got a nice little wish list put together.

Do you have a Pandora bracelet? What kind of charms are your favorite?
Leave a comment, and let me know!

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