August 8, 2013


Pictures via Instagram // jfreddie

Just some Instagram pictures from our last day on Ocracoke.
It was overcast and rainy - probably not how most people would want to spend their last day of vacation. But for me, I actually really liked it. The whole week we had things to do and places to see; it was nice being able to relax and soak in the last 24 hours without feeling a need to run around and tire ourselves out. We did go to the beach for a little bit though to look for some more shells and admire the view from the Outer Banks one last time.

1 Storm rolling in over the house // 2 3 Dunes at the beach // 4 Bryan playing in the waves // 5 Sea turtle nest site - I've seen these nests so many times, but I've never been lucky enough to be there when the babies hatch // 6 Dead crab // 7 Looking down the beach towards the storm coming our way // 8 Ankle deep in such clear water

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