August 9, 2013

Outer Banks Instadiary

Photos via Instagram // jfreddie

My final post from Ocracoke and the Outer Banks! Again, I absolutely loved the Outer Banks, and I am so thankful that Bryan's family invited me to come with them on their family trip. I had a wonderful time. Enjoy these last Instagram pictures, and happy Friday!

1 First picture from the trip - driving to the ferry that would take us to Ocracoke // 2 3 First sights of Ocracoke // 4 5 Our backyard for the week - so, so beautiful // 6 7 Signs decorating our house // 8 A glass of wine with a complimentary view - what more could you ask for? // 9 Our colorful deck chairs // 10 The first of many shells collected throughout the week // 11 My delicious meal at Howard's - a dozen steamed oysters // 12 13 Howard's had a viewing deck where we could see the ocean and the sound, complete with the good ole stars and bars // 14 Driving alongside the dunes // 15 16 Cape Hatteras standing tall // 17 The floor of the lighthouse as we walked inside // 18 19 The views from the top of Cape Hatteras // 20 21 Who would I be if I didn't get some pictures of the Hatteras Island houses? // 22 Goodbye, Hatteras! // 23 Final picture from the trip - pulling up to the ferry dock on the mainland

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