August 7, 2013

Kayaking Film

DIFFERENT POINT OF VIEW. On a whim Bryan and I decided to rent kayaks for an hour and explore Ocracoke from another point of view.
This was the same day we visited the Ocracoke lighthouse and explored the town, and after spending the morning hours on land we spent the afternoon on the water. We were never planning to go kayaking; everything that was "rentable" or "lessons" was usually kinda expensive - not something a couple 21-year-olds could afford to do on their own at least. But when we saw the kayak rental stand on the side of the road we decided to ask about prices just for the hell of it. Come to find out it was only $12 for a single kayak for an hour. We went back to the house, ate lunch, then headed back to the kayaks to rent two singles for an hour.

It was such a pleasant and calm hour, too. It was cloudy that day but not rainy, so we stayed cool for our little adventure and enjoyed spending some one-on-one time together floating next to shore. We decided to go out of the harbor and out to the sound. We paddled past the lighthouse and got up-close to "Blackbeard's Wench." (I think that's how it's spelt.) Our ATV guides had told us about it and took us to it when they were bringing us back from Portsmouth Island, but since we were on a boat we couldn't get that close. But on the kayaks we were able to get right up next to it and really check it out - apparently it's where the famous pirate, Blackbeard, would tie up his ship.

Also, this is my other set of film pictures. I'm still so happy I decided to bring a couple of disposable cameras with me to Ocracoke. Had I not, I wouldn't have any pictures from kayaking. And I've got to say, these are some of my favorite pictures from the trip. Enjoy!

Blackbeard's Wench
You'd think we were naked... Promise we had swimsuits on.

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