July 4, 2013

Stone Mountain: Part II

SUMMIT. I was pretty excited to go to the top of Stone Mountain and see the views. A couple of my Facebook friends have been up this summer and posted pictures, so it made me really want to see it for myself. Thankfully the skies were only a little cloudy, so we could still see the views well.

Some cool facts... Stone Mountain is 1686 feet above sea level and 825 feet above the surrounding area, so my ears were popping on the ride up and the ride down. It's also more than five miles around the base. The carving on the side of the mountain, which you can see in my post from yesterday, is the largest bas-relief in the world, and the mountain itself has been called "the largest exposed piece of rock in the world" by many reference books and pieces of Georgia literature. Pretty cool, right? I think one thing about wanting to see the entire world that may be kinda negative is that I tend to forget about the beauty in my own backyard. I know I take where I come from for granted, but it's days like this that make me remember that I don't have to take a 9-hour flight to see something cool.

All in all, I really like Stone Mountain. It's a unique place to visit that isn't all that far from home. And it's especially great for families, so if you have some kids running around, definitely check it out. Other than the summit of the mountain and the laser show, there are other fun attractions as well.

Also, happy 4th of July!! This is my favorite holiday of the whole year. Even though I want to see the entire planet, nothing could ever replace the good ole US of A. I love this country. I really do. I only wish the weather wasn't awful today. All the firework shows have been cancelled, which is kinda disappointing. After missing out on fireworks last year, I was really looking forward to some old-fashioned American pride this go around, but I guess I'll just have to wait until next year.

But I do have some good memories from previous 4th of Julys. I've spent this day in many places over the years, so even though I won't be having the kind of evening I had wanted tonight, I know I'm lucky to have celebrated this day the way I have in the past. Not only have I celebrated back home, but this is my first 4th (at least that I can remember) in Atlanta. I've also seen fireworks shows while on a boat on Lake Burton, in Tennessee, in Wyoming, and in Hawaii. And last year, I was obviously in Germany with the best group of Americans I've ever met.

Here's to you, America! Here's to you.

1 Walking up to the clouds // 2 3 4 5 View from one side of the mountain // 6 Leave it to me to find the big, gorgeous house way off in the distance // 7 15 Who would have thought trees could grow out of rock? // 8 11 Water puddle at the top of the mountain. I guess the rain is okay for some things. // 9 10 12 Atlanta skyline // 13 14 16 View from another side of the mountain

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