July 3, 2013

Stone Mountain: Part I

CABLE CAR AND LASER SHOW. Yesterday, Bryan and I decided to go to Stone Mountain to ride to the top of the mountain and to watch the laser show. We were planning on going Monday, but it rained. There were a few raindrops last night as well, but thankfully the skies held out for us to do what we wanted. I went to Stone Mountain last year, but I didn't go to the top, so I was excited to go up and see the view this time. Even with all the rain lately, yesterday evening was super pretty, and we could see for miles at the top. And I'm glad we paid the money to ride the cable car up because walking up that mountain for free would have been way too much for me and my cheap flip flops. Money well spent. The laser show was also fun. The blanket we used this year was much bigger than what I had last year, so I was much more comfortable. It was surprisingly chilly though after the sun went down, especially for a summer night in Georgia. But all in all, it was a good night, and I'm glad we decided to go instead of waiting to go later in the month after vacation.

These pictures are from the ride in the cable to the top of the mountain and from while we were waiting for the laser show to start. The cable car windows weren't particularly clean, so I apologize for the smudges. I also didn't take any pictures during the laser show. I get caught up in enjoying things and forget to take pictures. I also wasn't sure if it was going to start pouring rain, and I wanted to keep my valuables put away in case it did. But the show was great, especially the fireworks!

1 2 The cable car // 3 4 5 Riding to the top of the mountain // 6 The laser show lawn from the top of the mountain // 7 11 The side of the mountain where the laser show is displayed - Stonewall Jackson, Robert E Lee, and Jefferson Davis on horseback // 8 Me and Bryan waiting for the laser show to start // 9 10 The crowd on the lawn

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