July 5, 2013


LONG DRIVE. After much anticipation I'm finally heading to the Outer Banks of North Carolina today with Bryan and his family. I've seen pictures and statuses all over Facebook and Twitter of people going on vacations all over the world, and it has made me so jealous. But today I'm finally able to join in the conversation. I still need to pack, but thankfully we're not leaving until this evening, so I have plenty of time. And another great thing about this trip is that the Outer Banks is one of my "1000 places," so that's one more check mark at the end of it all. Hopefully the beaches are as pretty as the book says they are. And the weather is supposed to be great, too. Thank God! No more rain! Knock on wood...

We'll be driving to Charlotte, North Carolina tonight and staying in a hotel, and tomorrow we'll get to Ocracoke Island. I'm so excited! This also means that there won't be any blog posts for the next week, but I'm sure I'll have plenty of pictures to share once I get back home. But follow me on Instagram! I'll be sharing pictures on there as long as I have service. @jfreddie

Photo via Instagram // jfreddie

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