July 15, 2013


HOME ON THE SOUND. Bryan's family did an awesome job at finding our group of 12 somewhere to stay while on vacation.
They rented two houses - one for the adults and one for the "kids." And I say "kids" because the youngest of us was 15, and the majority of us was of legal drinking age. So I guess it was more of a young adult house. But I digress....

The young adult house, also known as "Landshark," was wonderful in every way. We had a game room, just the right amount of room for the seven of us staying there, and the most beautiful view of the Pamlico Sound. Whenever we were home I could be found on the colorful deck admiring our surroundings. I felt so fortunate being able to wake up, walk out of my room, and see the sun rising over the water. And at night we were able to see a myriad of the brightest stars or heat lightning lighting up the sky in the distance. Not many people have that luxury. And our neighbors had a dock, which they were happy to let the guys use to fish and crab. We had a great appetizer our last night there of freshly-caught blue crab straight from the boys' traps. I'm still so thankful that Bryan's family was able to find us somewhere so beautiful. And that view... It's something that will be sharp in my mind for a long time.

If you're planning a trip to Ocracoke Island, I'd definitely recommend Blue Heron Realty. With Landshark being so perfect, I can only assume the rest of their properties are equally grand. They also offer golf cart and bike rentals, which definitely should be taken advantage of.

1 Pulling up to Landshark // 2 The sign on the outside of our house // 3 4 View of Pamlico Sound first thing in the morning // 5 Colorful and comfortable chairs on our deck // 6 Kayaks and a boat outside our neighbor's house // 7 Black and white - our other neighbor's dock in the morning sun // 8 Lone kayaker on the Pamlico Sound in the late afternoon // 9 A view I'll never forget - so beautiful

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