July 18, 2013

Jolly Roger

LUNCH AND A VIEW. My first local meal was with Bryan at a harbor-side restaurant called Jolly Roger.
We sat at a table with a big, red umbrella on the dock and enjoyed delicious crab cakes and ice cold water. After riding around town with the hot sun shining down, it was so refreshing to have a meal next to the water with a wonderful, constant breeze blowing through the air. And the view wasn't so bad either. Out of all the local places we checked out during our week on Ocracoke, I have to say Jolly Roger was my favorite. The service, the food, and the view of the harbor were just what I had hoped for. It was just what I needed before mine and Bryan's first "walk" to the beach...

Let me start off this story by saying that if you go to Ocracoke, don't expect to walk to the beach. You're going to think you can, but you definitely can't. If only Bryan and I had understood this before we decided walking there.

The golf cart rule on the island is that no golf carts are allowed past Howard's, a sports bar at the edge of the town. We didn't think that was too bad. After all, there was a ramp to the beach basically across the street from the place. So we parked our golf cart at Howard's and started walking down the ramp. Thank the Lord that a couple decided to offer us a lift in their truck down to the water because we needed it. Apparently that first ramp is like, a few miles long - definitely made for vehicles only - so we were able to save our feet and our energy. Good thing, too, because we were going to need both for the second half of our journey. We finally get down to the beach and thanked our new friend for giving us a ride. I swear, that guy probably thought we were so stupid. I know I looked like the tourist of all tourists.

So then we asked the driver where the airport beach ramp was because that was where the rest of our group was. Lo and behold he breaks it to us that it's about a mile down the beach, and he was going the opposite direction. Just our luck. We walked literally for like, 20 or 30 minutes until we found the group. It was miserable. I didn't have on any sunscreen. It was hot. I had a big beach bag to carry. I looked like I had rolled out of cave after 30 years by the time we found everybody. Sweating, hot, and the back of my legs were sunburnt. I mean, what a goober!

But thankfully we made it, and after I caught my breath and had a second lunch I was in the water getting pummeled by waves and playing cornhole with the wind blowing hard. I promise it was a good first day...


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