July 30, 2013

Houses of Hatteras

OF COURSE I DID. If you'll remember from this post or this post from mine and my mom's trip to Charleston, I am in love with big, huge houses.
So when me and Bryan took a ferry to Hatteras Island for the day to see the lighthouse (post to come), my heart skipped a beat. Pulling up to the dock, the first things I saw were two big houses sitting peacefully next to the water, and Hatteras Island quickly became more than the home of Cape Hatteras to me. And as we drove off the ferry and started making our way across the island, I saw more big houses - one after the other. I'm sure Bryan was super annoyed with me as I couldn't stop saying "Oh, look at that one!" or "That one's my favorite!" It's almost weird to say how happily shocked I was that I was driving by all these beautiful summer homes.

Again, much like my post from the other day about Ocracoke's town, these pictures aren't the best. I wish I had known what to expect before floating over to Hatteras because I would have had my camera ready with the car window rolled down so I could better show y'all just how gorgeous these houses were. I'm telling you, I could have spent a whole day just checking out these bad boys. And I would have hoped for much better weather that morning so the pictures wouldn't turn out so dark. But c'est la vie I guess. I still absolutely loved Hatteras Island regardless of my unpreparedness.

1 First sight pulling up to Hatteras Island *cue heart melt* // 2 3 9 Fell in love with this particular house. Everything about it was just, perfect... // 4 5 6 7 8 Houses I saw just after driving off the ferry. The bigness and beautifulness didn't stop, so eventually I just put the camera down and admired.

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  1. the first photo with the homes is sooo pretty ! although i don't know if i'd want to live quite so close to the edge like that