July 17, 2013

British Cemetery + New Look

HISTORY OF OCRACOKE. On our first full day on Ocracoke, Bryan and I took one of the golf carts to the British Cemetery.
I've never been much of a history person, but there's something about cemeteries that make me want to learn as much as I can about the past. They hold so many mysteries about the people who used to be, and they can tell you so much about a certain area. I just think that is so cool. In this cemetery were the remains of four British troops who were torpedoed by the Germans in 1942. The entire crew was lost at sea, but these four people were found and buried on Ocracoke. I love the tribute they were given. The cemetery, itself, is nicely manicured, and apparently it has attracted many veterans over the years. It's comforting to know that America has honored these men the way we have and that Ocracoke's Coast Guard makes the effort to keep the cemetery looking good. And it's a good reminder of how important the Outer Banks have been to our country even though they are so isolated.

Next to the British cemetery were two cemeteries for different families from Ocracoke. At first, I just thought they were old and not used anymore, but then I noticed much newer tombstones and realized that these two areas are still very much used by the locals. Again, that's so cool to me. That these families can trace back their family trees and are still burying their loved ones on the same sites. My mom and I are really into our ancestries, so for me, I think it is so neat that these families know so well about their pasts. Small towns are sometimes so much more fascinating than big cities.


O N E  M O R E  T H I N G

Do you love my new design, or do you LOVE my new design?! I am super excited to have a new title and domain name that are matching and a brand new layout for my blog. I have been thinking about doing a serious makeover for a while now, but I just never acted on it. For one, it costs money. And for two, I just didn't have the patience to really sit down and think about what I wanted. But now that summer has come around and school is out of picture (at least for a little bit), I've really gotten to thinking about what direction I want to take this blog. I would love for my blog to really gain popularity and possibly even provide me with opportunities I wouldn't find anywhere else. An all-new look is something that I think I desperately needed in order for this stuff to start happening.

I am happy to announce that I have changed the title and domain name for my blog. What used to be Girl Meets World is now S.S. Jess, and what used to be jessieanna.blogspot.com is now ssjess.com. I used Go Daddy to make this happen, and I've got to say I am so so SO satisfied with Go Daddy's service. I thought it would be difficult for me to buy a domain name and get it working through Blogger, but surprisingly everything was so easy. Blogger has an easy step-by-step instruction on how to use custom domain names, and the customer service from Go Daddy is untouchable. I also purchased a new template design from Designer Blogs. Again, so easy to do. And the best part of all is that everything was way cheaper than I thought. I've paid less than $50 for this transformation.

I can't say enough how pleased I am with my new look. Hopefully it will serve as inspiration for me to really put myself out there in the blogosphere and see where my blog can take me. I'm so excited!!

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