July 25, 2013


Photos via Instagram // jfreddie

HELPING THE FIRE STATION. A few years ago, my mom and I used to go to Bingo nights at the Elk's Club in downtown Brunswick every week, and we always had such a good time.
I don't know if any of y'all have actually played Bingo, but it's loads of fun. You don't play the typical horizontal, vertical, or diagonal Bingo; there are all sorts of patterns, and you play on multiple cards. It's just all-around fun. So when I found out that our group was going to Bingo night, which also helped out the all-volunteer fire station on Ocracoke, I was totally on board. And I'm so glad we went, too, because I won a two-hour golf cart rental! Then, Bryan won a coffee mug. THEN, Bryan and his dad got Bingo at the same time and won $10 each. Such a successful night! I don't think anyone else knew how intense it would be, but I was ready for it, and winning something was an added bonus.

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