July 29, 2013

ATV Film

FOUR WHEELS AND SHELLING. One afternoon our group decided to have a boat take us to Portsmouth Island so we could drive four-wheelers and look for shells.
The island was about a 15 minute boat ride away, and we spent four hours on the island before heading back to Ocracoke. And I just want to say that I did not get a sunburn. Hallelujah. It was super exhausting but still fun, and I found so many shells that I'm hoping to use to decorate my apartment. We had a guide who led us down the beach, and between the 12 of us we used four ATVS to get us where we wanted to be.

After our all-afternoon excursion, our boat driver picked us back up, but before heading back to Ocracoke, we took a detour to Beacon Island. During the civil war the island was used as a fort for the confederates, but obviously it didn't last. The island also used to be about 20 acres, but it's now only 3 or 4. (I can't remember the exact number our guides told us.) It's also inhabited by a bunch of birds, particularly pelicans. I'm not a bird girl at all. They freak me out. But it was still really cool to see so many pelicans all together. And a lot of pelicans were recently born, so we got to see babies, too. Definitely a neat experience. I might be from the coast, but I had never seen anything like that.

You'll also probably notice that these pictures look a lot different from the rest of the pictures on my blog, and that is because I took these photos with a disposable camera. Before leaving for the trip I knew I wanted to buy a couple disposable cameras because I assumed we might be doing some activities that might not allow for my big Nikon. I didn't want to ruin it for one, and for two I kinda wanted to see what kind of film pictures I could take. I haven't used film in so long, but it was a nice change for once. It's not something I plan on doing a ton, but it was refreshing to go back to when I was younger and disposable cameras were the way to go.

Film is so imperfect. They're grainy, and these ATV pictures are super overexposed. They aren't very sharp either, and it's impossible to focus anything. But I also think that's what makes film pictures so special. It's like they capture life for what it truly is - perfectly imperfect. With cameras being so much better nowadays, we are always so focused on taking the absolute best pictures we can, but that's not always what's important. Sometimes it's nice to not know instantly what our pictures look like, to not know if we accidently got our finger in the frame. And the excitement of taking the film to be developed and wondering what's going to come out is a feeling that I didn't realize I missed so much until I did this little experiment. Like I said, don't expect a ton of film pictures in the future, but I can definitely see me doing this every once in a while.

1 2 Walking to the ATVs after getting off the boat // 3 4 Me and Bryan, Amanda and TJ - waiting for everyone to get loaded up so we can drive to the beach // 5 6 We had to take a very bumpy trail from the ATV "parking spot" to the beach. Hence why the pictures are so out of focus and basically of the sky. // 7 8 Driving on the beach // 9 10 Looking for the prettiest shells to bring home with us // 11 12 Taking a break for driving and shelling to enjoy the water // 13 Driving back to the "parking spot" at the end of the day // 14 Taking one final break to relax and take a group picture // 15 16 17 18 19 Beacon Island - home of the pelicans

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