July 14, 2013

1000 Places: The Outer Banks

26/1000. I got back from my vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina yesterday evening, and I was too excited to wait until tomorrow to tell you guys about it.
(It's also been over a week since I last published anything, and I know everybody wants to make sure I got home safe and sound. Right?) I was overly happy when Bryan's family asked me to join them on their week-long trip, and being that the Outer Banks is one of my 1000 places I accepted the offer without a second thought. I had actually been looking at the Outer Banks ever since mine and my mom's trip to South Carolina back in March, and I was planning on it being a trip sometime in the near future, but I never would have thought it would have happened this soon.

We stayed on Ocracoke Island. The more popular (at least I would assume) destinations of Kitty Hawk and Nag's Head and the like are all towards the north of the Outer Banks, but Ocracoke is a little more isolated at the southern end of the barrier islands. But even though it's towards the south, it is right next to Hatteras Island where the famous Cape Hatteras lighthouse stands tall. (More on that later!) I was a little iffy about staying on Ocracoke at first. When I was planning my own trip in my head I had planned to stay towards the north, and I wasn't sure how much there would be to do or see on Ocracoke, but all my fears were calmed once we got off the ferry and pulled into the driveway of our house.

I can't wait to really sit down and start going through my pictures. That's what I'll be doing all day along with laundry and packing to go home tomorrow for a few days. I really did have the best time, and I couldn't have asked for a better vacation. Ocracoke is such a gem - the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. But until I really start diving in to my trip, here are some pictures from my iPhone of the ferry ride over there that never made it to Instagram.

1 One of the ramps to the beach on Ocracoke // 2 First picture of the trip - just before leaving from Swan Quarter, one of the mainland ferry ports, to head to Ocracoke // 3 The Ocracoke shore from the ferry // 4 Pulling into the harbor of Ocracoke Island after two hours and 45 minutes of a ferry ride

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