June 18, 2013


I'm not totally sure what's going on, but the Georgia weather this past year has been so messed up. Typical Georgia seasons consist of a two or two and a half month winter, a week each of spring and fall, and the rest of the year it's summer. But not this year. First of all, our winter lasted six months. Seriously. It started getting cold in October, and we didn't have a warm day until about the middle of March. It was terrible. Then it rained all spring. And they weren't nice spring showers either. It was still super cold for the time of year, and the rain was just miserable. We had a handful of warm and sunny days. And now it's summer, and it's still raining! I was hoping after my month back home that the weather up here in Kennesaw would get a grip, but it hasn't. We've been having awful thunderstorms, and as soon as you think it's time to go to the pool it'll randomly start raining. I just don't understand.

I try to keep a good attitude about bad weather, but when it never seems to let up it starts to get your spirits down. But I'm hoping this little post will encourage Mother Nature to get her act together and get in summer mode because I am so over the rain.

Any of y'all having better luck with the sun?

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