June 26, 2013


Recently, my mom came to visit me, and while she was here we finally got some furniture for my patio! Y'all, I have lived here for a full year, and I'm just now getting patio furniture. How ridiculous is that? But I'm very excited that my outdoor space is finally put together and looking like part of my apartment. I have basically been living out there since I got everything set up. Part of the reason it has taken so long to get a grip is because I'm very picky about my stuff. Ever since I moved in I've wanted my apartment to look like an adult's home, not some college girl's place on a budget. And it's been hard to find just the perfect pieces. 

But hallelujah for Walmart! (Yes, Walmart. Of all places...) I finally found the perfect patio set for under a hundred dollars. Not only did I get the table and two chairs (pictured) with the set, but I also got an additional two chairs and an umbrella. Talk about a score. And it all fits on my patio! That's another reason I've taken so long to get furniture. Everything I've seen has either been too big or awkwardly small. But what I have is the perfect size.

Plant photos via Instagram // jfreddie

And along with my furniture, I've also taken care of my greenery. The larger plant, an Arrowhead Vine, I've had for a while - since September or October. It has always been in its original, from the store, plastic pot, and it has been sitting on a plastic plate on my patio floor since the day I brought it home. But when my mom and I stopped at Garden Ridge before heading to Walmart to look around at their outdoor stuff, I decided I wanted to repot my plant and get it looking nice. I found the perfect stand, and I lucked up on the pot. It looks really nice and expensive, but it was only ten bucks or something. I also found an actual watering can, so no more plastic water bottle to water my plants! I also knew I wanted to get a smaller plant to put on my table, and when I saw this pretty Fittonia with pink veins I knew it would be the perfect addition to my plant family, and I found a great white, ceramic pot to put it in.

I firmly believe that college kids should not own dogs. Most of us live in apartments, but dogs should have a house and a backyard. I also don't know of a single college kid who can actually afford a vet bill. We may be able to work dog food into a grocery budget, but there is no way any of us can handle a vet bill for an unexpected illness or surgery. And I don't think our parents should have to take care of our responsibilities. Dogs are living things, and we shouldn't punish them for our selfish pleasures. That's why I decided to keep plants. They're low maintenance, but they do require attention, and as strange as it sounds I've actually developed a love for my plants. For me, it's very similar to having a pet, and it's teaching me how to be responsible for something other than myself. It's a great alternative to a dog, and I strongly encourage other college kids to try keeping a plant instead of a dog while they're working towards getting a job and a house. And that's the end of my soapbox...

So anyway, back to the point of this post... I'm very happy with my new patio. It looks great, and I'm excited to have a place outside to spend time. It's very "me," and I love it.

How do you personalize your outdoor living space?
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  1. this is cute. i can't wait to actually be able to decorate my place