June 5, 2013

Orange Crushin'

I am super excited to hear that The Stingray Allstars made the June 2013 cover of Inside Cheerleading magazine!

Inside Cheerleading hosted a little contest for who should be on the cover, Stingrays or Cheer Athletics. Everyone was asked to vote, and I'm excited to see that the majority wanted Stingrays. When I first really got into competitive cheerleading back in eighth grade, Stingrays easily became my favorite program (other than my own, of course), and I have been a true fan ever since. I've always admired Stingrays' sharp and clean routines, which is an art that I feel like a lot of programs don't put as much focus on. They're one of the best in business, and they represent my home state well. The team on the cover is the Orange Rays (who competed in the senior medium level 5 division this past year), and they just won their SEVENTH Worlds title back in April! That is something to be proud of and goes to show just how amazing The Stingray Allstars really are. Congratulations to Orange and all the Rays on this big moment! You've made your fans proud!

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