June 29, 2013

One Year

I can't believe it has been one full year since I was in Germany. I met the most amazing people, and I got to spend the best month of my life in a beautiful country. Studying abroad has been the highlight of my 21 years, and I can say that without thinking twice about it. It truly was the trip of a lifetime, and I can't be more thankful that I was blessed with the opportunity to experience something so unique. I still miss it just as much as, if not more than, I did when I first got back to America last August. I can't think about it without getting the biggest smile on my face. It's hard for me to even put it into words.

If you want to read about my experience, check it out here. Looking back on the blog posts, though, they only just scratch the surface. The only way anyone could understand the emotions I have about this trip would be to live it for themselves. I can't say enough how important I think it is to study abroad while in college. It's life-changing.

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