June 6, 2013


L: Received my first issue of The Crescent in the mail! // R: Southern Soul is the best barbeque in the south. Absolutely love it!
Pictures after dinner a couple weeks ago.

L: And there were peacocks at that dinner! // R: Me and Bryan have had a bunch of froyo lately.

L: Hanging out by my pool // R: Pretty flowers in my backyard

L: Went to my stepsister's high school graduation // R: Pretty view outside the convention center where the graduation was held

L: Read my first book of the year! // R: Dedication.
(This book is dedicated to our imagination. Without it, we wouldn't be able to travel to places we never thought we could go, to dream about things we never thought we could do, and to feel the feeling of pure freedom. Let your imagination run wild. It may take you to somewhere so incredible that you can hardly believe it is true.)

More beach days!

Life has been pretty relaxed lately, and I've loved it. Now I'm back on the grind as my summer class started last week, but believe it or not I'm actually really enjoying it. We're studying social media in public relations - two of my favorite things! The only thing I'm really not liking about being back in Kennesaw is that it's been cloudy and rainy since I got back, which means no relaxing by the pool. Hopefully the sun will make an appearance soon before my tan starts fading.

How is your summer going so far? Let me know!
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