May 16, 2013

Beach Days

1 5 9 I guess I like taking pictures of my feet... // 2 East Beach on St Simons // 3 Me and Bryan // 4 7 10 We took Charlie to the beach one day. // 6 Driftwood Beach on Jekyll // 8 St Simons from Driftwood Beach

It's summer time, and that means beach days are in full force! The weather has been great this past week, so I've really been soaking up the sun by the water with Bryan. I'm heading back up to Kennesaw in a little over a week for a month-long summer course, so I'm trying to be at the beach as much as possible before I have to leave. I guess one good thing about taking a summer class is avoiding the tourists for a while. But let's be honest, I belong on the coast regardless of the season or the crowds.

Photos via Instagram: jfreddie

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