April 22, 2013

It's already the end of April?!

Panhellenic Derby Days! Photo via Instagram // jfreddie

Let's be honest. April is the most stressful month known to man. Between the end of the semester and Gamma Phi, I've barely had time to really think, let alone actually sit down and blog. But here's a little recap of what's been going on with me:
~ We initiated our Theta class at the beginning of the month! Glory, glory!
~ Panhellenic had its Derby Days event, and we all got to wear big hats and pretty dresses.
~ Greek Week was last week, and we won for the SIXTH YEAR IN A ROW! Just saying, Gamma Phi Beta has been winning Greek Week ever since we came on campus in 2008. Undefeated!!
~ Final tests, projects, and papers galore... Yep, it's the end of the semester for sure.

And here's what I have going on in the next two weeks before summer:
~ Jersey/Crescent Swap. I hope my Big is not insulted by my lack of crafting skills. Lindsey, just know I love you.
~ This week is Senior Week for our Gamma Phi seniors. Lindsey, don't graduate.
~ About a million meetings with Greek life.
~ Gamma Phi's annual Crescent Classic Chili Cook-off on Saturday. I still have tickets for $5 if anyone wants to buy one from me. (Please do.)
~ Even more final tests, projects, and papers... I swear there is a light at the end of this massive tunnel of school work. I just can't see it quite yet.

So the main point of this post, I'm ready for summer. I cannot wait to go home and lay on the beach without a care in the world. May 1 couldn't get here fast enough.

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