March 27, 2013

I guess you're gonna move to Daniel Island now...

1 Welcome to Daniel Island // 2 3 4 6 7 Houses galore! // 5 Yeah, the builders have to hide the port-a-potties while they're building a house. // 8 We found our perfect lot.

Between me, my mom, and my stepdad, Daniel Island is a huge inside joke, and if I tried to explain it I'm sure none of you would think it's funny. But just know that my stepdad and I always joke with my mom about her moving to Daniel Island, and we've joked about it for years. Well, while my mom and I were in Charleston we saw Daniel Island on the map! We knew it was in South Carolina, but we had no idea it was just a short, 20 minute drive from the heart of the city. After a long day in Charleston, we decided to take a quick detour to this famous (at least for us) place, and I can definitely say it has raised my standards for where I want to live after college.

It's basically just a neighborhood with a golf course. For most people, it's probably not a huge deal. But like I said in this post, my mom and I love love love houses, especially when they're big. Our drive through these quiet streets was the icing on top of an already delicious cake.

As for the pictures, they were all taken from the car while we were driving, so I'm sorry if they're a little not-so-great. But trust me when I say these houses were absolutely gorgeous, and if I ended up living here I would be perfectly happy with my life.

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