March 12, 2013

Half Way There

So it's been what, two weeks, since I last posted? Too long, too long. I agree. Anyway, Kennesaw is kinda stupid in that they decide the first week of March is the perfect time to have spring break. News flash, KSU. It's not. I'd like to go to the beach on a nice, warm day over spring break, not freeze my butt off by my pool for 30 minutes as I try to get just a tiny bit of color. But I digress.

So spring break was last week! Even though it was at a terrible time, I'm still happy that I was able to go home and see my family. And one of the best parts of the break was moving on to Verizon and the iPhone! HALLELUJAH! I've been obsessed with it for the past week. The change was a long time coming, and I'm beyond thrilled that it has finally happened. I've also been instagramming way more than usual because, let's just be honest, everything is just more fun on an iPhone. So the pictures:
1 I'm in love with my dog. Taking pictures of him lying around is one of my favorite pass times.
2 My mom and I had a little game night one night with Boggle, the real life version of the Ruzzle app game.
3 My mom and I cleaned out our ears another night. Is this too gross and personal to blog about? Probably... But it was an experience, and now my ears are super clean.
4 And I finally got back my Tiffany bracelet! It was a Christmas gift from my dad, and I sent it out to have it engraved. Since I live five hours from home, it's taken maybe two months for me to actually get it back on my wrist.

And now I'm back to the reality of being a college junior. Pity me. On the bright side, after tomorrow I only have six weeks left before summer. I can do this.

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