March 26, 2013

1,000 Places: Lowcountry Cousine

One thing I love about my "1,000 Places" book is that it doesn't just recommend cities and towns to visit. It recommends experiences as well, which really helps me to fully enjoy the places I visit. For the Charleston area, "Lowcountry Cuisine" was one of my places to see, and I'm totally okay with that because I'm all about eating local and discovering places that I can't get back at home. When in Rome, right?

Magnolia's was the first local dining place my mom and I visited. The restaurant was actually mentioned in my book, so we were really excited when we found it. For lunch, I had the parmesan crusted flounder over jasmine rice and shrimp with assorted vegetables. Yes, it was delicious. I rarely finish meals at restaurants, but it looked like I licked the plate clean.

We went to the Hominy Grill our first morning in Charleston. It was yet another restaurant mentioned in the book; my mom and I got lucky with that. I had the biscuits with gravy and a side of bacon. What I loved about my meal is that peppers were included in the gravy. It was a nice twist on the traditional, southern breakfast. And the bacon...I don't usually like crunchy bacon, but the way my side was cooked was perfect.

Triangle Char & Bar was where we had our final Charleston meal. It's not in the middle of downtown Charleston, but it was close to our hotel, which was nice after a long day touring around the city. I had the barbeque grilled salmon (I must have been on a fish kick that weekend.) with brown rice and asparagus. Again, it looked like I licked my plate clean by the time I was done. But along with the great food, I loved the atmosphere of the restaurant. It reminded me of the coast, which made me feel right at home. Definitely a cool place...


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