March 28, 2013

1000 Places: Beaufort and the Lowcountry

1 2 3 6 7 Beaufort and the waterfront // 4 8 Of course I had to take pictures of the flowers in Beaufort. So photogenic... // 5 My mom // 9 Coligny Beach, Hilton Head aka the final stop of our South Carolina adventure // 10 And of course my mom and I wore jeans on the beach. Can you say out of place or what?!

Before heading home, we detoured to Beaufort and Hilton Head. We didn't spend long at either place, but it was nice to spend a couple hours checking out the smaller towns instead of just driving straight back home. Saturday morning we woke up and had breakfast at our hotel before driving an hour to Beaufort. It wasn't crowded at all, which made me feel a lot calmer after being in busy Charleston. We also checked out more big houses (which y'all will see tomorrow) before driving another 30 minutes to Hilton Head.

We made it to Hilton Head around lunch time and ate at Flatbreads, which was right off Coligny Beach. We took our time eating and talking before walking out to the water. The weather was amazing, so the beach was fairly crowded, so my mom and I looked super awkward with our jeans, purses, and sweatshirts.

As much as I loved Charleston, small towns on the coast will always have a special place in my heart. It's home, and no matter how many beautiful places you see and visit in your lifetime nothing will ever replace your hometown.

And my South Carolina trip puts me at 25/1000 places seen. And you better believe I'm already thinking about and planning my next adventure...

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