January 17, 2013

So that time when I turned 18...

So I was looking through the hundreds of pictures I have on my computer, and I came across all the pictures I took when I went to the Bahamas for mine and my dad's birthday weekend. And then I thought to myself how I wish I had been really into blogging when I was 18 so that I could have put these pictures on my blog. But then I thought, well, who says I can only update on things as they happen? After all, the whole purpose of a blog - at least for me - is to provide a way for me to look back on all my experiences and to also share those experiences with the world - or at least those of you who keep up with my blog. So I think I'm going to go through all those pictures and post a very belated - as in three years belated - photo diary of my trip. It was my first out-of-country trip that I really remember,  and it deserves a little bit of recognition I think. So check back tomorrow for a little walk down Memory Lane.

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