January 5, 2013


Yep, I actually make new year's resolutions, and I actually try to keep them, too. Pretty cool, right?! So here's what I'm hoping to change/do/accomplish in 2013:

1. Cook! I'm finally in my own apartment, but I still find myself eating out and making microwave dinners just as much as I did when I lived in the dorms. It needs to change, so cooking is at the top of my priority list.
2. Get in a solid workout routine. I have gained almost 15 pounds in the past year, and I can't stand it. I tried p90x in the fall, but I didn't stick to it. But I'm really over not being able to fit in my jeans, so I'm going to make an honest effort to get back in the gym and get my body back in shape.
3. Read at least 10 books. I read nine books in 2012, which is really great, but once fall semester started I pretty much stopped reading. So along with reading 10 books, I also want to try harder to not take big breaks between books. (Cool thing: I also do book reviews. To see some of the books I read from 2012 just type "book review" in the search bar on my blog.)
4. Wear makeup. I pretty much never wear makeup, and when I do it's the bare minimal. And it's not because I don't like makeup, I just don't like taking the time to put it on. So I guess I'm lazy. But this year I want to start taking care of myself more. Wearing makeup, and just taking time to look nice in general, is something any 21-year-old woman should do. And being a 21-year-old woman, I need to do it, too.
5. BLOG! I love blogging. I really do. But as much as I love it I still seem to go a while between posts. I want that to change. I need to start taking pictures and finding things to blog about. Period.
6. Get an internship. Thankfully I've been blessed enough to have parents who don't force me to have a job while I'm in college, but I'm not going to be in college much longer. I need to start thinking about my future and potential careers. Not only am I hoping to have an internship count towards college credits, but it will also be loads of help when I start applying for "big girl jobs." It needs to happen, and it needs to happen in 2013.

So there you have it: my 2013 new year's resolutions. Hopefully I'll be able to look back at these in December and be able to confidently say that I accomplished everything I wanted to do this year and more.

What are your resolutions for this year?
Leave a comment, and let me know!

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