January 22, 2013

Bahamas Photo Diary: Part II

1, 2, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 Green Turtle Cay // 3, 8, 12 Swimming in Devil's Hole // 4 The flag of the Bahamas // 6 The beach from our first day // 10 Even my dad can take a pretty good picture

Our third day in the Bahamas we took the ferry over to Green Turtle Cay. The island was beautiful. It was so colorful; none of my pictures do the colors justice. But Green Turtle Cay's biggest claim to fame is that it's the home of Miss Emily's Blue Bee Bar. Miss Emily, the creator of the infamous Goombay Smash (which may or may not be the drink that had me hungover for two days), has passed away, but the little restaurant and bar is still ran by her family. Picture 13 is Miss Emily's grave, which is about 30 steps away from her bar.
After getting back to Treasure Cay late in the afternoon we drove out to Devil's Hole, a 200+ foot deep watering hole. We had to drive down a long dirt road that was lined with tons of broken down cars before diving into the hole. It was a little eery at first. The hole drops straight down; there's no wading in. And the water is so clear that you can see pretty far down. But after I got over the fact that this hole is basically never-ending (my dad said it eventually leads to the ocean), I had a great time.

I really enjoyed the Bahamas. It's not too far from the States, but it really is it's own little world. It's so beautiful and calming, and I hope I can eventually go back and explore the rest of what the islands have to offer.

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