October 9, 2012

Your Vote, Your Voice

Calling all American citizens! Today is the last day to register to vote in this year's presidential election!

The last time I was home a couple weeks ago I applied for an absentee ballot, and about a week later I received it in the mail. I have a couple things I need to research before choosing "Yes" or "No," but as soon as I have it all filled out I'll be mailing it back to my county's Board of Elections. This year is a really special year for me because this is my first election where I can vote. It feels so good to be able to express my voice and actually have input in this year's election. And it's also caused me to care more about politics and the way my country is run. I've taken a genuine interest in educating myself on the candidates, and I feel like I've made an informed choice on who I want to be my president.

I highly encourage all of you who are 18 or older to register to vote. It's the first step to having a say in the election. Get informed, and let your voice be heard. It's important.

Happy voting!

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