October 8, 2012

Feels Like Home

My mom came to visit me this weekend, and am I glad she did because we spent the majority of our time turning my apartment into a home. Ever since I moved in I've had the bare minimum as far as furniture and decorations are concerned. And even though it hasn't necessarily bothered me, now that I have brought some life to my little space I see just how much every little thing matters, and I can't believe I've gone this long without so much. From home, my mom brought me an old end table that we had at my childhood home and a stuffed owl decoration (pictured above) to add a taste of fall to my incredibly undecorated place. Then we paid a visit to Ikea where I got a coffee table, two night stands, and a giant wall map. We also went to Garden Ridge for an area rug for my living room and a mat for my kitchen. And lastly we stopped at Walmart for smaller things like kitchen supplies, candles, and a live plant for my porch. My apartment has a whole new look and smell - pumpkin spice to be exact - and I am beyond happy about all the changes. It finally feels like home.

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