October 15, 2012

A Case of the Mondays...

Actually, it's more of a mid-semester blues versus a case of the Mondays. I'm pretty sure every college student gets this feeling about half-way through the semester - feeling burnt out, stressed about grades, just wanting winter or summer break to get here... We're all familiar with it. And I know I have been feeling it even more this semester than I ever have before. But unfortunately, I can't just roll over and say "I'm done." So in order to get me through the last month and a half of fall semester I'm going to focus on all the things I have to look forward to instead of getting bogged down with school. Because let's be honest here, who really wants to think about school when there are so many other great things going on in life?

- Last week was Homecoming Week, and even though it was super stressful it was also a lot of fun. I got to bond with my fellow Gamma Phi girls, and I enjoyed going to all the events to support my sorority.

Me, Katie, and Rachel waiting for the Pep Rally and Yell Like Hell to start.

- Big/Little Week is this week!! Tomorrow begins a 4-day present extravaganza, and I finally get to know who my Big is on Saturday. I have been looking forward to this week since Bid Day.

- It looks like Bryan is coming home this weekend, so I'll get to see him which I wasn't expecting at all.

- My 21st birthday is less than a month away!

- Next weekend I'm going to Helen, Georgia for Oktoberfest as a Berlin reunion.

- I'm still excited about all my new furniture for my apartment.

- My stepbrother is getting married the day before my birthday.

- I also have a new car waiting for me back home.

- I'm going to Ohio for Thanksgiving, and I'm so excited to see my family.

- Then the semester will be over before I know it!

And now I feel much better about this awful semester. I'll be done with these classes soon enough, and I get a fresh start in the spring. But in the meantime, I've got a couple months of excitement ahead of me, and there is no way I'm going to let school bring me down. I can do this.

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