August 18, 2012

Owl Pride

Andrew, Tracey, me, and Cameron at the soccer game.

Cameron and me

Spent the evening yesterday at a KSU women's soccer game with a few of my friends whom I haven't seen since spring semester. It was a good time, and the weather was awesome once the sun started to set. I've realized that I've become a lot more extroverted in the past year. I used to need alone time, but now I'm finding that I need to be social in order to feel grounded and relaxed. It's funny how much a person can change in a relatively short amount of time. 

Hope all of you are having a good weekend! Happy Saturday!


  1. I am not creeping on your profile but I TOTALLY know Cameron Yarbrough!! I graduated with his sister Ashley in 2006! I was on the daybook and saw that you left a comment and your blog site because I love checking out other people's blogs. I clicked on it and it brouhgt up these pictures haha. Tell him that Myisha says hi and if he doesn't remember who I am here is my blog
    Happy Blogging!!!

    1. That is so crazy that you know him! We're pretty good friends. We actually ended up going to Del Taco together after the game. Such a small world! I'll definitely tell him you said hi.

  2. aw, this all looks like so much fun! and it's true, if we allow ourselves, we really can change in just a short amount of time. which i love!
    xo TJ