August 9, 2012

Ain't No Time Like Island Time

My friend, Bryan, from my Berlin study abroad trip came to visit me this week, and we have been doing nothing but soaking up these last days of summer before heading back to our colleges in a week and a half. We've spent the past two days getting some sun at the beach and rooting for the USA in the Olympic games. It's been a very chill week, and I wouldn't ask for it to be any other way. It's definitely what I've needed - time on the beach to relax and rejuvenate. And having a mini Berlin reunion has been a major bonus! Bryan's going back home tomorrow, so I'll have a couple days to myself to get packed and organized before going back to Kennesaw on Tuesday. Then it'll be time to start fall semester on the 20th...

Photo taken via Instagram // jfreddie

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  1. this week of yours sounds delightful! Yay for the olympics, study abroad friends and sunny days at the beach! xo