July 30, 2012

Where's The Pause Button?

Kristen, Brooke, Claire, Ashley, and me on the cable car in Salzburg.

Where has the time gone? Only two days left in Berlin before I am back on American soil. Like I said in this post, it's such a bittersweet feeling knowing that come Wednesday night I'll be back to my "normal." I'm excited, but I'm not. I've started packing, and I'm a little worried about my suitcase being overweight. I barely had room on the way here, so I know it'll be like a complicated puzzle trying to get everything to fit and still be under 50 pounds. At least I'm prepared to pay an overage fee. I've also emailed my mom about everything I'm going to want when I arrive. They are:
  1. To have Charlie be at the airport. I miss my dog so much, and I want him to be in baggage claim waiting for me.
  2. To have pizza with ranch dressing waiting for me. I have been craving ranch dressing all month, and I desperately want it as soon as I get home.
  3. To have Waffle House then Chick-fil-a for my breakfast the first two mornings I'm home.
  4. Air conditioning!!
  5. To have my family be aware that 9pm is going to feel like 3am for me.
I'd say that's a very manageable list of requests for my mom, am I right? Haha! I still can't believe that my time in Berlin is coming a close. This has been the fastest summer of my life. If only I could pause time... 

At the Matrix nightclub in Berlin

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