July 11, 2012


The grounds of Charlottenburg Palace.

I'm getting into a routine, which means less excitement and interesting material I find worthy of a blog post, but I wanted to touch base with y'all, especially my family back home.

I'm having an absolute blast here in Germany! This is definitely an experience that I will never forget and will be talking about for months once I get home. I apologize in advance to everyone that hears my stories multiple times. This past weekend was our first free weekend, and everyone decided to stay in Berlin and explore our "hometown." I'm proud to say I have figured out the subway system, and I'm confident in my abilities to navigate around the city. I've also found that Alexander Platz is the place to be when you're young, wild, and free. It's definitely the group's go-to district of Berlin when we're trying to find something fun to do. Another interesting piece of Berlin geography, Friechrichstraße (by the way, the "ß" is pronounced like a double "s") is a great starting point when trying to go anywhere in Berlin. I see it as the main street of Berlin, much like Peachtree Street in Atlanta.

I love that I'm adapting to Berlin so well. It's like it's becoming my city, and I feel good being here. I'm constantly (half) joking that I'm never going to go home, and I'll just establish myself in Germany. Living here is fueling my desire to see the world. I love it!

A flower in the gardens of Sans Souci.

My classes are going pretty well, but for the most part they aren't much different than a course back in the States. I love that I'm taking German though. Actually being in Germany makes the language that much better to learn. I can actually put my knowledge to use in real life. I'm finally getting use out of my love for languages! My art class is pretty boring unfortunately. It's just hard to concentrate when I'm in Europe! I want to be out in the city and seeing all there is to see, not stuck in a classroom doing this "learning" nonsense. But I am thankful for our field trip days. I love the hands-on approach. I like to be involved and to see where the lectures are actually relevant.

Front of the church in Potsdam.

More flowers at Sans Souci.

Like I said, I'm having an amazing time in Berlin. I can't believe I'm already a week and a half into my month long stay. Time needs to slow down! Tomorrow six other people and I are going to Amsterdam for the weekend. This is the one place I really wanted to visit while I was here, and I'm beyond thrilled to be going there in a little over 24 hours. There will be plenty of pictures of taken, so be ready for another post shortly after this weekend.

To all my family and friends back home: I miss y'all so much! The only thing that would have made this trip better is if you all could have come with me.

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