July 16, 2012

Museum Hoppin'

Brooke and Ashley

This past Thursday was my second field trip with my art appreciation class, and we did some serious museum hopping. We went to three museums total: the Neues Museum, the Bode Museum, and the Alte Nationalgalerie. Talk about an art overload. It was exhausting. But even though my feet were absolutely hating me by the end of the day, I actually enjoyed the museums. I've never been much of an artsy person, but I found myself genuinely enjoying and appreciating all the artwork.

First museum: Neues Museum 
We saw a ton of Egyptian art in this museum. The highlight was seeing the bust of Nefertiti, one of the most coveted pieces of artwork in the world. We weren't supposed to take pictures of the bust, and the guards were experts at spotting people (like me) who were trying to steal a shot.

Brooke is so excited for museums!

Ashley is excited, too!

My poor attempt at a picture of the Bust of Nefertiti. The guard yelled at me after he saw me taking the picture.

Second museum: Bode Museum
This was my favorite museum of the day. It was full of religious artwork. I really like artwork that is made for a reason, which is what a lot of religious artwork is. It's made to be in a church. It's made to be worshipped. It's made with a purpose, not in vain. And I appreciate that.

Third and final museum: Alte Nationalgalerie
The last museum of the day was mainly paintings. Paintings aren't my favorite kind of art, but there were a few pieces I could see myself hanging in my future house. Our professor was also guiding us through the museums, so she was able to point out the different time periods of the art, and she pointed out the ways the artwork changed over the years.

A piece of modern artwork that I fell in love with.

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