June 14, 2012

Day 16: What's In Your Bag?

I've seen a lot of "what's in my bag" blog posts and youtube videos, and I've noticed that mostly everyone talks about the things they carry around with them every day. The difference between me and all the other people is that I don't really carry around makeup or hand sanitizer or perfume. My purse is much more an extension of my junk drawer. I put so many things in my bag over time, and it will stay there for weeks, even months. Anything I use constantly, like makeup and whatnot, doesn't stay in my bag. Things like that are more likely to be laying around my house or my car than sitting in my bag. But I like this prompt because it's giving me an opportunity to get rid of the clutter. Let's see what I've hoarded since May 20...
  •  First and foremost, the bag. I got lucky with this Michael Kors. My mom's boss's daughter originally bought this for her mom for Mother's Day, but the daughter and her dad (my mom's boss) ended up getting the mom something else. Since the daughter got the bag in Atlanta, my mom volunteered me to return it for her, but I loved the bag so much that I just kept it and paid the daughter the difference.
  • To the right of the bag, my back brace. I had work last night, and I'm working tonight, so it's important for me to have my back brace.
  • The right of the brace, a pamphlet to help me decide what kind of Bible I want to buy.
  • Under the pamphlet, my checkbook, wallet, and mini wallet.
  • Below the wallet, a carabiner with a keychain. I used it for my keys when I was living in the dorms.
  • To the left of the carabiner, my uncharged iPod.
  • Above the iPod and next to the wallet, a bookmark from Peru. One of the cheerleaders I coached my senior year of high school went to Peru with her family, and she brought me back a bookmark.
  • Next to the iPod and below the bookmark, four pairs of earrings, a charm bracelet from American Eagle, and a pearl necklace.
  • Next to the jewelry, $1.61.
  • Next to my mini wallet, a movie stub for The Hunger Games.
  • Next to the movie stub, the key card I use to get into my apartment complex when the gates are shut.
  • Next to the key card, a photo pass from the BODIES/Titanic Artifact Exhibits that I went to with my mom this past weekend.
  • Next to the photo pass, a prescription for my contact lenses, a "next appointment" sheet for my next eye appointment, and the receipt from my last eye appointment because I had to order new lenses for my glasses. 
  • To the right of the eye stuff, a pair of unopened contact lenses.
  • Above the lenses, a business card from the owner of the Atlanta JayHawks.
  • To the right of the business card, a pencil and scantron sheet from my Maymester course.
  • Next to the scantron, three receipts: McDonald's, Publix, and Garden Ridge.
  • Below my purse, three cords: a car charger and wall charger for the Tracfone I had to use while my Droid was dead and the cord to connect my camera to my computer.

*Part of the 30 Day Challenge

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