June 22, 2012

1,000 Places

On a plane to The Abacos, Bahamas in November 2009

I introduced my book, "1,000 Places To See Before You Die" by Patricia Schultz, to y'all in this post. If you don't know, it's pretty much a traveler's guide to the world. Schultz lists 1,000 places with descriptions, activities, and hot spots that a person should see sometime in his or her lifetime. Being that I have a massive wanderlust, I've decided to use this book as a basis for my future endeavors. Ideally I will see and do everything in this book, and I want to share my experiences with all of you, so I've decided to start a "1,000 Places" post theme on Girl Meets World.

I was surprised by how many places I had already seen when I started flipping through this book back when I first bought it, and considering I'm about to head to Germany I wanted to go ahead and mention those places.

-The Abacos, Bahamas I went with my dad for my 18th and his 50th birthdays. I wrote about the trip here. The picture above is also from the trip.
-Appalachian Trail, US I used to go on trips with Moondance Adventures. The summer of 2005 I participated on the "Blue Ridge Expedition," and our group hiked part of the trail.
-The Golden Isles, GA, US I live here! I couldn't believe my home was in this book! It's so awesome to have grown up in such a special area.
-Grand Teton National Park, WY, US I went here with the "Big Wild" Moondance trip in the summer of 2006. We went rock climbing, and we were filmed by the Discovery Channel! Alas, the episode never aired.
-Hawaii Island (The Big Island), HI, US Yet another Moondance trip! I went here in the summer of 2007 on the "Hawaiian Islands" trip. We stayed on The Big Island for half of our trip during which we did a lot of hiking, a lot of beach days, and we spent a night in a cabin in Volcanoes National Park.
-Jackson Hole, WY, US Jackson Hole served as home base on my "Big Wild" trip. I also spent the 4th of July here.
-Kauai, HI, US I spent the last half of my "Hawaiian Islands" trip on this island. We went snorkeling, sailing, and spent even more time on the beach here.
-Las Vegas, NV, US I spent two days of my fifth grade spring break in Las Vegas, and I got to see the Blue Man Group while I was there. I'm hoping to go back to the city sometime soon so I can fully enjoy every aspect of Sin City.
-Middle Fork of the Salmon River, ID, US On my "Big Wild" trip, my group spent several days rafting this river. We camped out on beaches along the river. It was definitely one of the coolest things I've ever done.
-New York City, NY, US My middle school took a trip to New York the summer of 2006 as part of their "Quest" program. It was basically big field trips for the middle and high schoolers. We visited Ground Zero, China Town, and saw Broadway plays. I was fortunate to go to the school that I did.
-Savannah, GA, US Savannah is just an hour north of my home in Brunswick, so I've been there many times. It's known for its historic district and ghost stories.
-Vail, CO, US Before going to Las Vegas, I spent the majority of my fifth grade spring break skiing and snowboarding in Vail. I also visited one of the hot springs close to the town.
-Walt Disney World, FL, US I've been going to Disney almost every year since I was six years old. I'm very lucky to live just three hours away from the happiest place on earth.

That's 13/1000 places under my belt, and I can't wait to check off so many more at the end of the summer!

Have you been to any of these places? Where are the coolest places you've been?
Comment on this post, and let me know!

Stay golden,

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