June 30, 2012

People of Berlin

I loved her outfit.

June 27, 2012

Countdown to Berlin: TOMORROW!

It's finally here! Well, almost... I've got my suitcase packed (mostly), and I'm updating my iPod as I write. I'm really hoping I'm not forgetting anything, but I'm also hoping I am because that's just one more excuse to go shopping. I have a huge feeling my suitcase is going to be overweight as it is. I can't imagine coming home.

But anyway, I'm so incredibly excited for this trip. I've been waiting for this day for months. The fact that it's finally here is blowing my mind. I cannot wait to explore Germany! It's killing me that I won't actually be in Berlin until Friday. But tomorrow is the first step to getting there. I'm getting up early (6:00) tomorrow morning so I can catch my flight from Jacksonville to Atlanta at 10:15. Then I'll be hanging out in the Atlanta airport for six hours before boarding the flight to Frankfurt. Then from Frankfurt we'll take our last flight to Berlin. The next 48 hours are going to be hellish, but it'll all be worth it.

Be sure to keep up with me on Girl Meets World. I'll posting about my trip every few days to let y'all know what's going on. I'm not sure when I'll update next, but if anything it'll be before Monday (hopefully). Friends, family: I love you! And Mom, please don't spend the next month stressing. I'll be fine!

Stay golden,

June 26, 2012

Day 30: What has changed this month?

Not much has changed this month, but so much has changed at the same time. It's summer, so I haven't been doing much of anything. But compared to being bogged down with coursework I'd say having nothing to do but relax is a major, and welcomed, change. I'm not looking forward to the day I no longer have a summer vacation. I've also moved out of the dorms and into my own apartment, which is the biggest change this month. Since I'm home at the beach, I haven't been able to fully enjoy my apartment just yet, but I'm looking forward to the fall semester when I'll be able to make my house a home.

Other than that, there hasn't been much going on. I'm mainly just excited for the next couple years as I graduate college and make a name for myself. I have a lot to look forward to, and I couldn't be more excited for what's to come.

*Part of the 30 Day Challenge

Book Review: Ape House by Sara Gruen

You may know of Sara Gruen by her popular novel, which was also adapted into a movie, "Water For Elephants." But this author is no one hit wonder. She has once again delivered an amazing book with "Ape House."

June 25, 2012

Day 29: 3 Things You're Proud Of

  1. Moving in to my own apartment. This is a huge step in growing up. I'm proud of myself for taking that step and not thinking twice about it. I'm not fully independent just yet; my parents are helping with rent and bills. But I'm working towards relying on myself. This is only the beginning. I love having a place to truly call my own. It's a great feeling.
  2. My job. I'm still waiting for August before I really make it official, but I started working with the Atlanta JayHawks at the end of the May, and I love it. My first real job, as I like to call it, was in retail, and even though I loved making my own money, I just wasn't feeling the job. I dreaded every shift, and it sucked out all of my energy. That's not what a job should be. I want to love what I do. I love cheerleading, so finding a job at gym has been a blessing. I'm just hoping I can stay there for the rest of the time I'm in Atlanta.
  3. My wardrobe. This may sound frivolous compared to an apartment and a job, but it's something I've taken a lot of pride in. This time last year I could have been on "What Not To Wear." All I wore was t-shirts and jeans. I didn't care about my looks. But I finally got a grip, and I've spent this past year redefining my look and building a solid wardrobe. I'm a firm believer in the phrase "you've got to look good to feel good." Now that I'm developing confidence in my ability to dress myself, I'm developing confidence in myself as a person.

What are you proud of?
Leave a comment, and let me know!

*Part of the 30 Day Challenge

June 24, 2012

Day 28: Highs and Lows of Today

  • Waking up early on my own
  • Breakfast at Sandcastle
  • Made a huge dent in my packing for Germany
  • Stretched
  • Read some of my book
  • New episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey
  • Talked to a friend I haven't talked to in a couple weeks
  • I've been irritable lately
I try not to focus on the "lows." There's no point. I'd rather focus on the positive.

*Part of the 30 Day Challenge

June 23, 2012

Day 27: Your Guilty Pleasures

  • "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen
  • Drinking milk straight from the carton
  • Fruit punch capri suns
  • Ab workouts
  • Foursquare app
  • Kate Middleton
  • Scheduling
  • Organizing
  • Not wearing pants
What are your guilty pleasures?

*Part of the 30 Day Challenge

June 22, 2012

Day 26: What Would You Like To Change About Yourself?

If I was one of the Seven Deadly Sins, I'd definitely be Sloth. I hate to admit it, but I am incredibly lazy. I'm constantly looking for the quickest and easiest way to do anything, and even then I do a lot of things half-ass. It's one of my biggest flaws. It keeps me from being a straight A student. It keeps me from being more active. It keeps me from doing a lot of things I want to do. If I could change just one thing about myself it'd be my laziness. I really wish I had more motivation and self-discipline.

1,000 Places

On a plane to The Abacos, Bahamas in November 2009

I introduced my book, "1,000 Places To See Before You Die" by Patricia Schultz, to y'all in this post. If you don't know, it's pretty much a traveler's guide to the world. Schultz lists 1,000 places with descriptions, activities, and hot spots that a person should see sometime in his or her lifetime. Being that I have a massive wanderlust, I've decided to use this book as a basis for my future endeavors. Ideally I will see and do everything in this book, and I want to share my experiences with all of you, so I've decided to start a "1,000 Places" post theme on Girl Meets World.

June 21, 2012

Day 25: Favorite Quotation

God would never give you anything you couldn't handle.
I've had my fair share of hardships in my life, and I know I never would have been able to push through the obstacles without trusting God. I may not be the most religious person in the world, but at the end of the day I know what I believe, and I know God is always there for me. One time in particular, over this past Christmas I was incredibly sick and in so much pain that I couldn't sleep. At three o'clock Christmas morning my mom had to take me to the hospital because I was so miserable. I remember slowly walking out of the hospital an hour and a half later, tears running down my face, and thinking, "How the hell could this happen to me? What did I do to deserve this." But as soon as I sat in the car I thought, "I will be okay. God knows I can deal with this. He wouldn't have let this happen if He didn't think I could handle it." And suddenly I felt better. I saw the light in what anyone would consider an awful situation. And here I am, six months later and I'm just fine.

June 20, 2012

Day 24: 2 Songs You Love

(You Drive Me) Crazy by Britney Spears. I love my 90s music. Every adult I know would do anything to relive just one day of their early years, and I love listening to all my old music because it brings back all my memories from growing up. Nostalgia is such a sweet feeling. And as a side note, Britney is an amazing artist. She has been dominating ever since her first album. She may have had a little hiccup a few years back, but she has bounced back and continues to reign as Pop Goddess.

June 19, 2012

Day 23: What's On Your Mind?

  • I really hope my art book comes in before I leave for Germany. I'm mad at myself for waiting so long to order it. I'm mad that I couldn't find it in e-book form like my professor said. I'm mad that I accidently bought it before emailing my professor. It's just an all around crappy situation.
  • I'm very happy I finally found a pair of american flag shorts. Thank you, Target! I just hope I'll be able to wear them on the 4th in Germany.
  • I'm glad I have three new basic tees. Again, thank you, Target!
  • I'm a little irritated I couldn't get my new eyeglass lenses. The lenses were too big for my frames, so they have to be reordered. I hope they come in before I leave for Germany.
  • I wish I had read some of my book today. I'll have to do that tomorrow.
  • I need to lay out tomorrow.
  • I need to legitimately workout tomorrow.
  • I'm so happy I got to stunt tonight at CGA! I absolutely love cheerleading. It made the whole art book situation not seem so bad. I'm telling you, cheerleading is my outlet.
  • I need to see my dad and grandparents before I leave the country.
  • I made a dent in my packing, but I still have a lot more to go.
  • I've GOT to lose weight...

*Part of the 30 Day Challenge

June 18, 2012

Day 22: Your Role Models

  • Obviously my mom. She is the hardest worker I know. She doesn't stop until everything has been done and it's done well. It's exhausting to watch her or listen to her sometimes because she is always on the go, but I respect her for it all the same. I wish I had her motivation and drive.
  • Beyoncé. I love how she keeps her relationship private. The best relationships are the ones that are kept out of the public eye, which is why her and Jay Z are doing so well. You never hear about their problems or what they're doing together because it's no one's business, and they make sure to keep it that way. Whenever I am seeing someone I always have Beyoncé in the back of my mind.
  • Bethenny Frankel. The first time I had heard of her was when I was watching "Real Housewives of New York City." Right away, Bethenny was my favorite housewife because her personality is so similar to mine. She is blunt and straightforward; she doesn't sugarcoat anything. And she has a warped/twisted/perverted sense of humor, just like me. In a world where everyone is telling you to watch you say and do and to keep anything remotely controversial off the internet, Bethenny serves as a reminder that I can be successful and live a fulfilling life without stifling who I really am.
Other than those three, I don't have many people I would consider "role models." I take that term pretty seriously, and I don't want to hold someone to that high of an expectation without being 100% confident in them. I've never found any fault in Mom, Beyoncé, or Bethenny. They are three women of whom I truly admire.

*Part of the 30 Day Challenge

June 17, 2012

Day 21: Top 5 Deal-Breakers in a Relationship

I've always heard you should write a list of everything you look for in a life partner. After you write the list you should circle 10 of those aspects or characteristics. Then you should narrow the list down even farther to just five points, and those five points are called your "non-negotiables." They are the things that your partner must fulfill in order for you to have a solid relationship. Everything else should just be bonuses. And it keeps you from expecting too much or being unreasonable about another person. For the past year I've done a lot of thinking, and I'm proud of the five non-negotiables I've come up with.

June 16, 2012

Day 20: What does your most recent text say?

Tyler: "How did your German test go ?"
Me: "The one from forever ago? It was good. Got a hundred"

Pretty interesting conversation, right? I wish I could elaborate, but I really have nothing to say. Today's prompt is rather underwhelming. But I guess I could tell you who Tyler is. Him and I had two classes together this spring semester, Economics and Visual Communication. The classes were back to back, and we were in the same group in Vis. Com., so we became friends. He's a cool guy. We haven't seen each other since the semester ended, but we text on occasion, and tonight is one of those occasions.

*Part of the 30 Day Challenge

Countdown to Berlin: 12 Days...

I am getting so excited for my trip! Now that I'm done driving back and forth to Kennesaw for the rest of the summer it is finally hitting me that I'm about to leave the country. But I still have so much to do before I leave. I haven't even begun to pack. I still haven't bought my art book or plug adapters. I'm just feeling a little underprepared. Hopefully I'll feel better once I start getting all my stuff together.

June 15, 2012

Day 19: Most Recent Dream You Remember Having

I had a dream last night, but it was really scattered, so I apologize if it doesn't make a lick of sense.

It started out with my best friend, Catherine, and me sitting at a table with two girls we went to school with, and we were eating lunch. (I'm not sure why these other two girls were there because neither me or Catherine really got along with them.) Then Catherine and the other girls were talking about a party that Catherine threw for everyone who graduated with us from our school. Well, I didn't graduate with those people because I switched schools in the middle of my junior year, but since I went to kindergarten with most of them I associate much more with my old school over the school I graduated from. But since I technically didn't graduate with them, Catherine didn't invite me to her party, and I got really upset and started packing up all of my stuff so I could leave before I started crying. For the rest of the dream I was just trying to pack up and leave, but I kept finding more and more of my stuff that I needed to take with me. Then I was randomly talking to this guy (another person I've known since kindergarten and didn't technically graduate with), and I want to say we were getting along. Then one of the girls I was eating lunch with came over to me and started being kinda mean, so I slapped her in the face then walked off. And it was a long walk to my car, where ever it was parked, and I was walking by a lot of people, so I was "model walking" to project confidence.

June 14, 2012

Day 18: Your Pet Peeves

  • When the light switch is up when the light is off.
  • The term "hater."
  • The phrase "I could care less." No, it's "I couldn't care less." If you "could care less" you're implying that you do, in fact, care.
  • When people call other people fake.
  • Misspellings/grammatical errors in formal documents. (i.e. websites, newsletters, posters, etc.)
  • When my bed isn't made.
  • Disorganization.
  • Having something sticky on me.
  • Screwed up motions and formations in cheerleading.
  • The volume not being on a number divisible by five.

*Part of the 30 Day Challenge

Day 17: 5 Favorite Foods

  1. Pasta is easily my favorite food. Anything Italian is okay by me.
  2. Mashed potatoes have always been a top choice. It's definitely a comfort food for me and reminds me of home. But I'm a little weird, so I prefer instant mashed potatoes from a box. Real potatoes are too bland.
  3. Barbeque is a staple to any true southern girl's diet. I'm all about some pulled pork smothered in barbeque sauce. Add some mac n cheese and baked beans for a perfect meal.
  4. I love fruit. Strawberries and bananas are a favorite combination. I also like oranges, grapes, and pineapples.
  5. Pizza with ranch dressing is something I have to be in the mood for, but I when I crave it, I crave it hard. And for some reason I've been craving ranch a lot lately.

*Part of the 30 Day Challenge

Day 16: What's In Your Bag?

I've seen a lot of "what's in my bag" blog posts and youtube videos, and I've noticed that mostly everyone talks about the things they carry around with them every day. The difference between me and all the other people is that I don't really carry around makeup or hand sanitizer or perfume. My purse is much more an extension of my junk drawer. I put so many things in my bag over time, and it will stay there for weeks, even months. Anything I use constantly, like makeup and whatnot, doesn't stay in my bag. Things like that are more likely to be laying around my house or my car than sitting in my bag. But I like this prompt because it's giving me an opportunity to get rid of the clutter. Let's see what I've hoarded since May 20...

Day 15: Favorite Movies

  • Titanic
  • A Time To Kill
  • The Client
  • Forrest Gump
  • Twister
  • The Notebook
  • Troy
  • Death Race
  • The Time Traveler's Wife
  • The Hangover
  • Crazy, Stupid Love
  • Bring It On
  • Legally Blonde

  • I'm not much of a movie buff. There are so many popular movies that I've never seen, nor do I really care to see. But these are a few movies I could watch over and over again, and I know there are plenty more I can't think of right now. I'm a big fan of action movies (or boy movies as I like to call them). I'm also a sucker for a good love story. Anything that can make me cry is golden. And I like comedies. But don't ever try to make me watch a horror movie. I don't do scary. I'll have nightmares for months.

    *Part of the 30 Day Challenge

    June 10, 2012

    Day 14: Your Phobias

    • Birds: They can pluck out your eyes and scratch you and bite you. And one time I was chased by a goose. That didn't help at all.
    • Big fish: You know in "Finding Nemo" when Dory and Marlin get swallowed by the whale? Well, I'm scared that could happen to me. And yes, I'm fully aware how irrational this fear is.
    • Getting Alzheimer's: This is probably the most rational of my fears. I'm terrified of losing my memory and having my life end not having a clue what's going on around me. It sounds absolutely miserable. My great-grandmother died of the disease, so I know how bad it can be. That's why I make a huge effort to document my life.
    • Guns: Whenever I see them on television, in a picture, in person, or anywhere I get really nervous and on edge. But I do want to own a gun now that I'm moving into my own apartment. I'm hoping with some training and experience in gun control I'll be able to get over this fear.
    • Heights: They just scare me, and I don't really know why. My mom is terrified of heights, so I think I get it from her.
    • The dark: I've had a few not so great experiences with the dark. I can't be in a completely dark area. I will have a heart attack, I swear.

    *Part of the 30 Day Challenge

    June 9, 2012

    Day 13: What's On Your To-Do List?

    Tomorrow and Monday:
    • pack up my dorm room.
    • move in to my new apartment!
    • go to the Bodies Exhibit and Titanic Artifacts Exhibit with my mom.

    June 8, 2012

    Day 12: Something You're Passionate About

    I absolutely love cheerleading. I really do treat it as an outlet and way to escape reality for a few hours. There were so many times during my cheer years where I had an absolutely awful day, and I would go into the gym feeling sad and sorry for myself. But for some reason I was always able to put my problems aside and forget about them for the time I was at the gym. Even if I didn't want to, it still happened. When it came to cheerleading, nothing else mattered except my team and my determination to always be the best.

    I started cheering in 6th grade on the middle school team at my school, and in 8th grade I was voted captain of that team. Also in 8th grade is when I started tumbling and joined a competitive team, Cheer Camden. I was on that team for three years before switching to Coastal Georgia Athletics, a gym in my own town, and I stayed with CGA for my last two years of high school. I also cheered on my high school team through my junior year when I transferred schools. My freshman year at Kennesaw I was on the competitive cheer team, and very recently I've started working with Cheer & Dance Atlanta JayHawks.

    June 7, 2012

    Day 11: A Cool Place You've Visited

    Blue for the water, yellow for the sun, black for the people.

    For my 18th birthday my dad took me to the Bahamas. His birthday is the day before mine, and he was turning 50, so it was a milestone for both of us. We wanted to celebrate in a memorable way, so a trip to the islands was a must. I had a blast while I was there. It was so much fun yet relaxing at the same time. And since we were out of the States I was able to have my first legal drink at 18 instead of having to wait until I was 21. The first few drinks I tried were a bust, but then I discovered the infamous Goombay Smash, which originated at Miss Emily's Blue Bee Bar in Green Turtle Cay.

    Book Review: A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard

    For those of those of you who don't know who Jaycee Dugard is, she was kidnapped in 1991 at the age of 11 by Phillip and Nancy Garrido. She was held captive in the Garrido backyard for 18 years, during which she was repeatedly raped and gave birth to two daughters. This book is memoir of Jaycee's years in captivity. She details the day she was kidnapped, her life while living with her abductors, and her rescue and reunification with her family 18 years later.

    June 6, 2012

    Day 10: Your Relationship

    I am in a relationship with me, myself, and I. Last May I broke up with my boyfriend of two years, and since then I have been working on being happy with myself. As much as I hate to admit it, the relationship I was in was toxic and unhealthy. I pushed away all of my friends, and I never did anything. There was so much control and jealousy on his part and mine. It was terrible. But thankfully I finally had enough and ended everything.

    Book Review: The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks

    If you know Nicholas Sparks, you know he is known for his love stories. The Rescue is no different. This book tells about the life of single mother Denise Holton and her son, Kyle. Kyle has issues with speaking and understanding language, and Denise has given up much of her life, including finding love, to devote herself to working with her son. One night Denise and Kyle get into a car accident, and Kyle goes missing until volunteer fireman Taylor McAden comes to the rescue. After that night Denise and Taylor spend months getting to know one another, and Denise admires Taylor's ability to connect with and accept Kyle. But Taylor has issues of his own causing Denise's idea of a "fairy tale" to not be so magical. The pair seem like a match made in heaven, but we are left wondering if Taylor will be able to face his past so he can finally allow himself to love and be loved in return.

    June 5, 2012

    Day 9: Favorite Holiday

    I absolutely love the 4th of July. Everyone has so much national pride, and it's just an all around great atmosphere all day and night. I like watching the fireworks, and it's right in the middle of the summer, which is my favorite season. And it's an excuse to wear tacky red, white, and blue clothes. Any other day of the year, that color combination is a fashion-don't for me, but you better believe on the 4th of July I'm breaking out my most American outfit. I've also been lucky enough to spend the 4th in some pretty cool places. Obviously I've spent it at home on the beach. I've also seen the yearly fireworks display in Tennessee, Wyoming, Hawaii, and this year I'll be in Germany. (They may not celebrate it over there, but I don't care. It's my favorite day of the year.)

    Other than the 4th of July, I like Thanksgiving and Christmas because those holidays are centered around family, and I'm very family oriented. I'm also a big fan of Veteran's Day because it's my birthday!

    Mom and Charlie waiting on the fireworks on the 4th of July last year.

    *Part of the 30 Day Challenge

    Starting Junior Year Right!

    Obviously I wanted to blur out my instructor's name for privacy but didn't care enough to make it look good.

    Maymester course grades have finally been posted, and I earned an A in my class! I've always said that I'm naturally intelligent. I've never had to study or put in much effort to earn As and Bs in school. For the most part, I just get it. But my first two years of college I realized that I actually needed to do something if I wanted good grades, but for some reason I just didn't care enough to really try. I was settling with average.

    June 4, 2012

    The Perks of Being A Local

    Day 8: 5 Likes and Dislikes

    1. Living on the beach
    2. Hanging out with my mom
    3. Reading and writing
    4. Having a reason to get dressed up
    5. Stretching
    1. Feeling sticky or having something stuck on me
    2. Scary movies
    3. Cold weather or being cold
    4. Driving
    5. Not being the best

    *Part of the 30 Day Challenge

    June 3, 2012

    Day 7: Something You're Looking Forward To

    Obviously I am very excited for my study abroad trip to Berlin in July. I've made a few posts about my preparations, and I have blown up Twitter and Facebook with my excitement. This is the first big trip I'll be doing on my own, no parents. I am going to experience so much and see so many beautiful sights. I know it will be an amazing trip, and I just can't wait to be there.

    Countdown to Berlin: 25 Days...

    It's just over three weeks until my European excursion! With every passing day I get more and more anxious to board the plane. However, I'm a little worried about packing light. I haven't officially started the packing process just yet, but whenever I give it some thought I'm always bringing at least two suitcases, a carry on, and a large purse to accompany me on the trip. And that's not exactly a good thing because we're only supposed to bring one suitcase, and we need to remember to leave enough extra space in our bags so we can bring back souvenirs. Hopefully I'll manage to cut down on my imaginary packing list and be realistic. I've also added "Berlin" as a city on my weather app, and it's significantly cooler there than Georgia. I get cold easily, so I'm going to have to pack layers, which will only take up more room and add more weight to my luggage. Needless to say I am dreading getting packed.

    June 2, 2012

    Day 6: Favorite TV Shows

    • Real Housewives of New Jersey
    • Bethenny Ever After
    • Boy Meets World
    • Ice Loves Coco
    • Lizard Lick Towing
    • Storage Wars
    • Hardcore Pawn
    • Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis
    • America's Next Top Model
    • Everybody Loves Raymond
    • Gangland
    • pretty much anything on Bravo
    • basically everything on Investigation Discovery
    • mostly everything on TLC
    • several things on truTV

    Obviously I'm a big fan of reality television.

    *Part of the 30 Day Challenge

    June 1, 2012

    Day 5: If home is where the heart is, where is home for you?

    Lord knows I don't have a damn clue what I really want to do with my life, but all I know is I will eventually end up at the beach. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but when I was still little my family and I moved to the south Georgia coast, and we've lived here ever since. Before I got my license my dad would occasionally pick me up from school in his boat. I've had the luxury of going to the beach in February when there is a random day of warm weather because my house isn't but twenty minutes from the water. And for years I got to drive to school while watching the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean. I've been fortunate enough to live in an area that most people can only visit once a year.