August 29, 2014

1000 Places: Leeds Castle

Yesterday, I said Blenheim Palace was one of my top two favorite palaces/castles that we visited. Leeds Castle is the other half of that top two. I loved this castle. It's majestic, and it reminded of castles from the medieval era.

August 28, 2014

1000 Places: Blenheim Palace

Grand. Expansive. Dramatic. These are all words to describe Blenheim Palace. When you think of a palace - a home to royalty - Blenheim Palace is exactly what you imagine. This palace is so jaw-dropping. It's beautiful. I always thought I'd make a darling queen in a future life, but I think I'd prefer to be a Duchess of Marlborough just so I can call Blenheim Palace my own.

August 27, 2014

Mass + Tea

On our second Sunday in England, my mom and I woke up early and went to mass at Westminster Abbey. I'm not a huge church-goer by any means, but this was something my mom had been saying she wanted to do, and I mean, what kind of Catholic would I be if I didn't go to mass at Westminster Abbey when I had the chance? So up early we were, taking the train to Westminster, and we find ourselves sitting in the same place where Princess Diana got married, worshipping the Lord.